Evens out tone while hydrating your skin & erasing imperfections.
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Enjoy the beauty of this outstanding solution. This cream is a multi-purpose beauty and blemish cream that works as an incredible moisturizer or as a phenomenal makeup base. BB Cream evens out your skin tone, hydrates and provides real protection from UV rays and the internal toxins that cause blemishes. And it does all this while giving your skin a velvety natural finish. BB Cream is your ultimate skin perfector and comes in 2 lush shades. Long-lasting and lightweight, it brightens, reduces redness, erases imperfections, and minimizes oil build-up. The result is a gorgeous complexion with a touch of natural glamour. Benefits: - Hydrates Skin - Evens Out Tone - Brightens Complexion - Erases Imperfections - Smoothes and Lightens Skin - Protects from UV Rays - Excellent Staying Power - Natural Finish

For even coverage, apply a thin layer of BB Cream and then wait a few seconds for it to absorb before going for another layer if necessary, this will give it time to blend perfectly into your skin.

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