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“Boudoir Belle” by Philly & Phill is an olfactory dedication to feminine grace, her elegance and seductive influence. Conscious self-worth, self-love and the knowledge of one's own strengths are the subtle yet powerful secret weapons of women, which unfold through “Boudoir Belle” in a space of femininity and the art of transformation. This creation pays homage to female self-confidence, which layers its deep strength from those moments in which women recognize their inner and personal beauty with perception and fascination, celebrate it, respect it and value it.

The sensual fragrance composition is an invitation to the conquering artists and Romeos of the world, whose fire is brought to life by “Boudoir Belle” with benzoin, musk, and vanilla and hits the heart with rose and ylang-ylang, while hawthorn is part of the top note, unparalleled elegance puts a powdery veil around the wearer.

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