Warm, dry and sweet resinous; herbaceous with a hint of citrus
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Cashmere is dry, radiant, warm and woody with an unexpected hint of pine resin," says Geza Schoen, perfumer at Escentric Molecules. "This gave me the idea of creating a different kind of summer scent. I wanted to recreate the incomparable feeling of being by the sea; but not with the usual, often too artificial, sea notes. Rather, I wanted to create a living experience; as if you were walking inland from the sea on a Mediterranean island on a hot afternoon."

The top note of Escentric 05 is full of lightness: bergamot, to keep things lively, and orange, an ingredient that contains a very emotional note, bright and happy. It reflects the orange groves that cover so many islands in the Mediterranean. Laurel, basil and rosemary are typical Mediterranean herbs that give aromatic freshness to the fragrance, while juniper brings a planty tonality.

An unusually high concentration of cashmeran gives Escentric 05 a pine-like, soothing warmth at the end of the fragrance. In addition, cistus is added for a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality and two classic Mediterranean ingredients for the clean dryness that characterizes the fragrance: resin mastic with the scent of freshly cut twigs and cypress with its sharp woodiness. Musk blends harmoniously with freesia, iris and jasmine, whose scent reveals itself only after a hot summer's day and gives Escentric 05 subtle sensuality.

Similarly, Geza Schoen adds an authentic fig to the composition, introducing both the bitterness of the leaves and the ripeness of the fruit." Figs had to be in there because there is a fig tree at our house on the island. The fig feels attached to the place, it reminds me of the happiness of summer by the sea". - Geza Schoen

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