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"Eve goes Eden" is a modern homage to temptation.

It is the temptation and the burning desire to reach for the apple, to drop the fig leaf, to indulge in longing and the hidden because the journey to paradise often requires you to conquer your own underworld. "Eve goes Eden" is pure femininity, a source of fertility and feminine strength and carries an olfactory attraction that can be equated with the forbidden apple.
In the base note, patchouli, birch wood and a pinch of boldness form a constant foundation, while the heart note with violets and white leather is incredibly harmonious and at the same time tantalizing and seductive. In the top note, bergamot and cherry create a fruity firework that gives “Eve goes Eden” a euphoric, sensual glow. With its attraction, the perfume awakens the forbidden, the longings and the deep desires. “Eve goes Eden” casts a spell on everything from which it won't let anyone escape.
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