Eau de Parfume, Discovery the collection inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery.
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In the Mediterranean, the olive trees bloom for just a few days every spring. This treasured scent is at the core of Xerjoff’s Fiore D’Ulivo, where fresh citrus and lotus flower notes surround the gentle sweetness of olive blooms. The addition of jasmine and magnolia emphasise the floral scent while nuances of amber and musk add warmth to the whole composition. Fiore D’Ulivo is a tribute to the evanescent cycle of nature epitomised by the springtime blossom of olive flowers. The result is a truly magical springtime potion.

Head notes | Lotus flower -Amalfi lemon – Musk Ambrette – Basil
Heart notes | Jasmine, magnolia – Olive flower
Base notes | Musk – Amber – Benzoin

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