Fruity powdery sensual fragrance. Raspberry with musk
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La peau de l'autre,
For your love was born out of a crazy perfumer's gamble: imagine the scent of a kiss. This, with all the olfactory sensations one can feel in a fraction of a second, just as one approaches the other. There's the intimacy of skin, the musky warmth of the neck at the hairline and the fruity-powdery smell of lipstick. It's all there. The raspberry note reminiscent of blushes exalts this strangely human-scented musk and Cachalox.® whose carnal voluptuousness is so close to ambergris. Finally, for the sensuality of a skin that comes to return the caress, the benzoin and the heart of patchouli bring their depth and their softness. In the past, musk was used to perfume the scent when you wanted to invite love and it was said of a good lover that he was "as fine as amber''

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