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Stroll along the shores of the lake of Genève, a gentle end of the day in August. Alberto Morillas takes advantage of these moments of peace and quiet by the water's edge when the heat of summer is falling back to pink and azure hues. Suddenly, two silhouettes pass by. Precisely, the sensation of their passage captures the attention. The air is delicately charged with a scent, sensual and subtle like a veil, but dense and enveloping. 

All its mystery lay in an oud whose source is well known to the perfumer. At the heart of the composition, the essence came from the confines of Asia, on the border of India and Bangladesh. 

Known as Oud Assafi, it is the purest essence there is, extraordinarily rich, perfectly balanced, smoked leathery without being animal and finely balmy. In order to preserve its beauty, some materials come to sublimate its various facets. Incense and Bulgarian rose to balance its finesse, papyrus to underline its mystery, Amyris wood and cetalox for sensuality and roundness. A captivating skin elixir, as feminine as it is masculine.

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