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Matured Teas (Pu-Erh), Rare & Limited Harvest Teas
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This exceptionally rare Pu-Erh from the most celebrated region of Meng Hai is processed exclusively from the spring harvest and contains a very high percentage of tips, which lend their delicate flavour to this curated vintage. With a dark yet sparkling garnet-coloured cup, this tea possesses a light and pure flavour with exotic accents of precious truffle associated with the nuances of moist undergrowth sustained by notes of humus and noble moss. Suave floral intonations crown this tea with unexpected lightness, and the absolute lack of bitterness participates in orchestrating an extraordinary taste adventure.

Net Weight: 100g

Made in China

Pour 95°C water over 2.5g of tea leaves per cup and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove leaves and serve.

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