Heat and Humidity Resistant formula - Shiny and Glossy Finish
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A modern twist on royalty that takes us along an ancient journey dating back to 18th century in the mystical Middle East, when the kajal was used as a traditional cosmetic to beautifully contour and dramatically darken the edge of the eyes. The Kajal Kingdom is a collection of exotic pencil eyeliners where innovation meets tradition, to bring you a breakthrough in the intensely pigmented formula which uniquely combines the precision and exceptionally smooth color release of a liquid liner with the true rich color of the classic kajal. Embrace royalty in a kingdom of magical hues with shiny finishes, each color an ode from Bassam Fattouh to the history of a region he loves and calls home. A collection carefully with the main purpose of revealing the most striking and alluring feature of every woman, her eyes!

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