Apply to pulse points, or spritz a cloud and walk right through it to envelop yourself with a veil of fragrance.
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The latest addition to Geza Schoen’s single-scent library, Molecule 05 celebrates Cashmeran which, as its name suggests, is subtly evocative of cosy cashmere sweaters with its smooth and musky character.

Conceived in a laboratory during the late 1970s, Cashmeran has loaned its quirky, comforting aroma to a host of well-known scents since its creation, but never before has a perfumer showcased its idiosyncrasies, solo. A minimalist’s dream, this complex, multi-faceted fragrance marries musk and woody qualities – having both dry and creamy traits that make you long to nuzzle into it. Add the tang of pine and the resinous characteristics of amber into the mix and you get an idea of this molecule’s power to captivate. It’s as perfect for pairing with actual cashmere as jeans and a t-shirt.

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