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Aurum is a bright fragrance that describes the first rays of the sun, the light at dawn, and those precious minutes of quietness. The waves make peace with the clear morning light and sway in a steady rhythm, drawing lines on the surface of the sea. It is the evocative portrait of women walking by the sea, close to each other, sharing secrets, while the air gets filled with a mix of their scents and the warm wind caresses their hair. The harmonious movements of the clothes and the delicate tinkling of the golden jewels suggest grace and innate class.

The composition of Aurum speaks of serenity which is expressed by an elegant and distinguishing prelude of saffron. Storax, adds richness to the bouquet, giving it a sweet and sensual soul. The base accords close the dance with guaiac wood, a refined and nuanced note extracted from a special plant, known as the tree of life. 

Top Note: Saffron

Middle Note: Fir Balsam, Strorax, Myrrh

Base Note: Agarwood (Oud), Patchouly, Lignum Vitae