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The fragrance of the new Ice Collection by Morph Parfum, created by the nose Douglas Morel. Our Inhuman is something else. A thought that repudiates any kind of classification or dogma: beautiful or ugly, pleasant or painful, mine or yours, he or she… what is really “normal”?
Inhuman is provocation, contrast and harmony. Nothing like it had ever been heard before.
The nose of this fragrance has created an accord of notes that gives the idea of uniqueness. It is said that the first 7 seconds are essential for the first impression, to get to know Inhuman less may be enough or a lifetime will not be enough.
He has an exotic overture, given by the enveloping notes of coconut milk, the heart of him is voluptuous thanks to an agreement of floral and gourmand notes that combine with a base of sensual notes of Ambergris and Musk.