Magnetic Ring Mount
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A timeless luxury texture for a classic everyday must-have, our Magnetic Ring Mount ensures the most optimal and comfortable usage of your phone. The Croco design is perfect for a touch of unique sophistication while on-the-go. The Magnetic Ring Mount is a stylish way of adding grip and security to your phone. With the highest grade N52 magnets, it attaches powerfully to your IDEAL case and makes sure your cell phone stays safely in your hand but is still extremely easy to remove. The Ring Mount eases tension in your hand while scrolling through feeds, serves as a stand while watching videos, and makes sure you don’t drop your phone when taking a killer selfie.

  • Enables a secure and relaxed grip
  • Serves as stand
  • Attaches to your IDEAL OF SWEDEN phone case through a strong magnet
  • Can easily be detached
  • Metal plate included
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