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Many of Parfums de Marly's fragrances are dedicated to race stallions who made great progress in the 18th century. This also applies to Herod, a tribute to the stallion of the same name who made an indelible impression and who also came from Turkish war horses.

Officially, the scent belongs to the woody, spicy-scented category with clear touches of a gourmand, but what perfume lovers primarily stick with Herod is the distinct impression of tobacco and vanilla - comparisons like Cuban cigar mixed with cologne and freshly baked saffron cakes are classic. The perfume also opens with spice notes of cinnamon and black pepper to slip into tobacco, incense, osmanthus and labdanum. Vanilla is part of the bass note but appears much earlier and becomes an important component of the perfume's DNA. In the base we also find musk, cedar, vetiver and cypriol.

A warm, powerful scent that fits all year round but feels extra appropriate in front of the fireplace on a rainy evening or during the dark winter. The sweetness of vanilla also makes it perfect for women who want to express themselves with tobacco-based scents.

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