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 Kissed by the ocean on a tropical island
Like a maritime poem that unfolds wave by wave. Shaped by the summer winds, „YARINGA“ tells us the story of azure skies and tropical seascapes.
„YARINGA“ combines a cool breeze with the blue depths of the sea when the refreshingly salty waves of wind and water meet the warm rays of the sun on the skin, relieving the throbbing heat. Picture a wild, unpopulated stretch of coastline, surrounded by coconut trees, where you can feel the power of the sea and the serenity of being far from the madding crowd.
Wonderfully fruity-fresh aromas combine with aquatic notes of myrtle, and seaweed and move on a base of cedar, musk, and white thyme.

Top Notes: Myrtle, Seaweed, Vanilla, Coconut

Heart Notes: Salt, Cedar, Thyme, Passion Fruit

Base Notes: Musk, Wood Notes, Sweet Notes

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