A necessity for the modern traveler, a Universal Cuir de Veau grainé and soft Athéna leather passport holder with the unique V card slot feature.
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This product comes with a Golden Cuvierr logo stud touch.


  •          First Grade 100% Mountain Calfskin Leather
  •          The Cuvier V Card Slot Feature
  •          3 Credit Card Slots
  •          One Flat Pocket (Travel boarding pass)
  •          2 Flying Pockets
  •          Internal Cuvierr Exclusive Embossed Logo
  •          Golden Cuvierr Logo Stud
  •          100% Silk and 100% Leather Lining
  •          Dimensions 9.75 x 14 cm (Folded)
  •          Designed and Produced in the EU



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