A great depth and round off the scent.
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A Boise wind is blowing on new creations! lt smells of East, sensuality, and mystery.

Oud is a rare resin produced from the Agarwood tree; it is considered one of the noblest, finest, and precious ingredients in today's niche perfumery. lt is halfway between the incense and leather. The essence has a dark color and an intense aroma; it is very appreciated throughout the world.

lt is said that the worth of Oud is higher than its weight in gold. Thanks to the combination with other woody notes, Oud evokes a warm and sensual atmosphere.

The origin of the name Oud (and its etymological cousin, lute) literally it could be defined as a thin piece of wood similar to a straw. Wood is a symbol of nobility, warm feelings, well-being, and harmony.

lt opens with Cinnamon and Osmanthus in the top notes, enveloping with Rose, Geranium, and Jasmine in the heart notes. The fragrance evolves with a blend of Agarwood and other precious woods, such as Vetiver from Haiti, and Guaiac Wood. Amber, Musk, and Labdanum together give Oud a great depth and round off the scent.

Top Note: Cinnamon, Osmanthus

Middle Note: Jasmine, Storax, Geranium, Rose

Base Note: Oud, Ambergris, Lignum Vitae, Musk, Labdanum (Rockrose)

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