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"Punks in Paradise" is a rebel. Wild, cheeky and adventurous, at the same time gentle, fresh and balanced. A contradiction in terms? Not with “Punks in Paradise”, because in the end this fragrance is incredibly well balanced, contains one or two surprises, leaves room for fantasies, and is the perfect companion for a wild night.

The base notes of "Punks in Paradise" include patchouli, leather, sandalwood, ambroxan and lots of punk. In the heart note, plum, pear, peach, ylang-ylang, and galbanum impress with their depth and in the top note, spices, bergamot, mandarin, and nutmeg give the scent a fresh and at the same time spicy twist.

“Punks in Paradise” is unconventional. A perfume for all those who love it and for those who want more. More freedom, more fantasy, more life, and more than just a fragrance - Punks in Paradise is a philosophy.

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