Indulge in tender moments with this creamy powder, enriched with the comforting energy of Rose Quartz crystals and Arctic Rose extracts, this feather-light moisturiser leaves skin velvety to touch and with a soft lustre to leave you feeling pampered.
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Cruelty-free / paraben free / gm free / sles free / sls free /petrolatum free/ no plastic microbeads

Our Rose & Rose Quartz Body Balm is perfect to use on an evening out or special occasion.

Use the velvet body puff to smooth balm onto arms, legs, and décolleté to give a golden glow.

Remind yourself that you are worth taking care of, take a deep breath, and let the elegant scent of rose and honey surround you with tenderness and love.

 Weight:0.150 kg - Dimensions: 90 × 90 × 55 cm - FILL SIZE: 50 G


  •          Rose Quartz / Stone of comfort
  •          Arctic Rose / helps to increase endorphin levels and encourages skin wellness and relaxation
  •          Passion Flower Seed Oil rich in essential
  •          fatty acids / moisturizes and softens
  •          Rosehip Seed Oil rich in omega
  •          3 & 6 and vitamin A / supports the lipid barrier and maintains moisture balance
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