Uplift your day with this luxurious cream enriched with botanical extracts, Rose Quartz and Arctic Rose to soothe and comfort dry, stressed hands. Reach for it whenever you need a moment to yourself, the uplifting fragrance, sensual texture and hand massage ritual will help you to re-centre and come back to your senses.
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Cruelty-free / paraben free / gm free / sles free / SLS free /petrolatum free/ no plastic microbeads

 How to Use:

  • When you need a break in your busy day for a moment of tenderness and care, indulge in our Rose & Rose Quartz Hand and Cuticle Cream.
  • Caress your hands with silky softness, a reminder that you deserve a moment to yourself.
  • Cup your hands over your nose, take a long deep breath and let the calming effects of pink wash over your whole body.

 Weight: 0.103 kg - Dimensions: 30 × 60 × 145 cm - FILL SIZE: 75 ML


  •          Rose Quartz / Stone of comfort
  •          Arctic Rose / helps increase endorphin levels and encourages skin wellness and relaxation
  •          Alpine Plant Complex / brightens, evens skin tone and helps to reduce the appearance of age spots
  •          Marshmallow Extract/softens and protects
  •          Baobab Oil rich in omega 3, 6 & 9 and vitamins A & E / aids cell recovery and intensely moisturizes
  •          Shea Butter / protects, softens and moisturizes





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