Rose Quartz Crystal
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A beauty tool that’s perfect in treating system toxicity, poor circulation, physical and emotional stress, and migraines. With its healing properties, it relaxes muscles and relieves facial tension.

It may be kept in the fridge or freezer. The facial sculpting tool can be used with the Botany facial mists and oils for maximum absorption and hydration.

Properties of the Rose Quartz Stone:

With healing properties, it is associated with the element of water. Said to open and activate the heart chakra. Should be kept out of the sun to preserve its pink color.


Gently sweep up the gua sha on your cheek, neck, under chin, jawlines, cheekbones, very gently under the eyes, over the eyebrows, and upwards on the forehead, which can be used to massage the body as well. Repeat each stroke 3-5 times.
You may use the gua sha 2-3 times per week or once you’re comfortable you may use it daily.


Keep out of reach of children. Made from fragile crystal – Do not drop.


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