Invigorate your shower experience with revitalising botanical extracts, enzymes and cherry grains that stimulate, exfoliate and enliven the senses, Power your daily shower with RED; cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate skin’s appearance, revitalize your senses and be ready to go in a flash.
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Cruelty-free / paraben free / gm free / sles free / sls free /petrolatum free/ no plastic microbeads

 How to use:

  •          Gently apply to damp skin and massage all over the body in an upward motion to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow.
  •          Pay attention to elbows, knees, and any dry areas in need of moisture and exfoliation.
  •          For a more intense exfoliation or when you need to feel that boost of blood pumping energy, apply our Ruby & Cedarwood Foaming Body Scrub to dry skin before showering.

 Weight: 0.247 kg - Dimensions: 39 × 74 × 210 cm - FILL SIZE: 200 ML


  •          Ruby / Stone of Vigour
  •          Sugar Beet & Coconut Extracts / moisturise and soften
  •          Mineral Rich Volcanic Spring Powder / softly smooths skin
  •          Cherry Stone Powder / polishes skin
  •          Pomegranate Enzymes/buff skin smooth


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