The most luxurious red with vibrant blue undertones, an invitation for the most daring games.
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LE ROUGE PARFUM is like a talisman to carry close from day to night to early dawn. Covered entirely in the brand’s emblematic Achilles shield motif engraved into black lacquer, LE ROUGE PARFUM is a weighted, sensual accessory in your hand.

Key benefits: High intensity and pure color pigments providing bold color in one stroke. The long-wearing formula for color that lasts all day: up to 10 hours. Lightweight formula for a very easy and comfortable application. Rich formulas that help smooth and protect delicate lips for a silky feel that does not dry out your lips.

Application: Thanks to its precise bullet shape, LE ROUGE PARFUM is very easy to apply even without a brush. Begin the application of your perfect red at the heart of the lip, gradually building color towards the outside. Using the sharper edge of your lipstick, perfect the inner part for your lower lip and the lip corners. For gourmand lips with volume, try mixing both finishes: begin with the Matte texture and add Satin in the centre of your lips for a plump, multi-dimensional finish. LE ROUGE PARFUM is easy to remove with makeup remover.

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