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Light, neat application without any cloudy phenomenon + Natural, bright tone-up effect + Safe ingredients!

A pleasant feeling that starts with the application!
The sunscreen applies lightly and refreshingly without shine or sticky feeling or cloudy phenomenon. Watering moisture provides a moisturized, milky-smooth feeling.

 Natural Tone-up effect: Bright, clear skin tone-up!
The soft-focus provides a natural, bright skin tone-up effect over time and tidies up the surface of skin evenly to make skin look bright and neat.

EWG green grade ingredients are safe to use for kids and adults with sensitive skin,
keeping skin moisturized and soft. The natural fragrance of lavender essential oil
provides a pleasant mood. The micro-moisture film of the high molecular network prevents
the evaporation of moisture, and the ingredients of ceramide and highly concentrated
hyaluronic acid make skin healthy and elastic by providing moisture and nourishment
deep into the skin.

Strong UV protection effect
SPF 50+/PA++++ strong UV protection effect protects the skin from the hot sun for long hours.
 Skin-soothing with plant-derived ingredients

The gentle sunscreen is safe to use for sensitive skin by using proven ingredients. Plant-derived soothing ingredients such as jojoba seed oil and carrot seed oil make
skin feels soft and moisturized.

Pleasant lavender fragrance
The natural scent of lavender essential oil, rather than synthetic fragrance, provides a sweet, pleasant fragrance rather than the existing sun cream scent.