Indulge hands and feet with this handbag sized Prismologie travel selection. Packed in a stylish bag lined with vibrant Prismologie colours.
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The Set Contains:

  •        40ML Sapphire & Oud foot cream
  •        40ML Rose Quartz & Rose hand & cuticle cream
  •        Stylish Prismologie bag

 Foot Cream

How to Use:

  •          Soothe your aching feet at the end of the day with a message using our Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream.
  •          Relieve tension in your soles and give your toes a treat with light pressure in a circular motion
  •          Let the oud fragrance wash over you, calm your body and mind, as night draws in, know your feet are ready to carry and support you tomorrow.

Hand and Cuticle Cream

How to Use:

  •          When you need a break in your busy day for a moment of tenderness and care, indulge in our Rose & Rose Quartz Hand and Cuticle Cream.
  •          Caress your hands with silky softness, a reminder that you deserve a moment to yourself.
  •          Cup your hands over your nose, take a long deep breath and let the calming effects of pink wash over your whole body.


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