Face Halo BODY exfoliates and polishes skin for a smoother, more radiant, and flawless all-over complexion.
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The dual-sided mitt features a wet/dry exfoliator to smooth and remove, while the HaloTech polisher reaches deep into pores to cleanse and revitalize. Non-toxic and reusable, Face Halo BODY is the perfect prep for a streak-free tan and for achieving a natural glow.

How to Use:

  •          CLEANSE: Wet and wipe away with black side.
  •          TONE: Apply toner to white side and apply to face.
  •          CARE: Wash pads prior to first use. Washing machine safe on warm cycle. Tumble dry low.

 Material & Care

  •          Hand wash with soap
  •          Wash weekly in the washing machine
  •          Do not use fabric softener


  •          Non-toxic reusable make-up remover
  •          Replaces up to 500 single use make-up wipes
  •          Lasts up to 200 washes
  •          H 27cm x W 18cm x D 1.8cm
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